steaks & salads

New Years and Winter Delicacies

Tropical Christmas and other good reasons to celebrate


We’re talking about Irish Coffee with fresh whipped cream, stuffed and roast goose with apple red cabbage and homemade dumplings, or a perfect romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner.  We always have  something out of the ordinary,  or sometimes you‘re just the reason.

Cocktails and more

When the food is good,.. life is good. But when people eat, well, surely they must also drink!

And of course, if you take a holiday in the tropics, a well-made cocktail, with a subtle garnish of local mountain orchid (and a little parasol) is what you want to complete your island paradise experience.


The Peppercorn Restaurant.... relocating its premises to Haad Salad

Soon you can enjoy your Peppercorn meals with excellent sea view.


Old new Peppercorn

some things never change

Like the tremendous hospitality in the Restaurant Peppercorn. Not to mention the gorgeous food.
Now after nearly five years we have something new for you:
the Peppercorn
We thought it's time to make all the changes public, for everybody to see ;-)

Welcome to the Restaurant Peppercorn!

- the first steakhouse on Koh Phangan -

Unrivaled the first address for fine dining on the island of Koh Phangan. The Peppercorn is located in Srithanu on Koh Phangans east coast, a more quiet and family-oriented part of the Island. We cater an extensive a la carte menu as well as daily specials and extra-menus throughout the year with focus on seasonal treats and our western herritage. Furthermore do we keep a selected stock of excellent bottled wines and a wide range of gourmet teas.

The restaurant features about 50 seatings and a bar for a quick drink and welcome chat. The upper level may be booked for private occasions or festivities and our Garden can be furnished to provide a place under palmtrees.


Our mouthwatering Steaks are served to your liking, from rare to well done.
We source our prime cuts across the globe, from New Zealand to Argentina,
ranging from Rump, Fillet or T-bone steaks.

All Steaks come with mixed salads of the season and dressings of
your choice, and are complimented with a wide range of sauces, vegetables
and potato-varieties prepared to your liking.

Feel free to put together your own favorite dish.


Thank you for visiting! your Peppercorn Team


If you would like more information about the restaurant, please call us

or browse our website. You are always welcome to visit us and  have a

chat with Friddi about recipe suggestions or simply enjoy

one of our vast dinner choices.