steaks & salads

New Years and Winter Delicacies

Tropical Christmas and other good reasons to celebrate


We’re talking about Irish Coffee with fresh whipped cream, stuffed and roast goose with apple red cabbage and homemade dumplings, or a perfect romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner.  We always have  something out of the ordinary,  or sometimes you‘re just the reason.

Cocktails and more

When the food is good,.. life is good. But when people eat, well, surely they must also drink!

And of course, if you take a holiday in the tropics, a well-made cocktail, with a subtle garnish of local mountain orchid (and a little parasol) is what you want to complete your island paradise experience.


The Peppercorn Restaurant.... relocating its premises to Haad Salad

Soon you can enjoy your Peppercorn meals with excellent sea view.


An endless Menu

- our specialty at Peppercorn -

We pride ourselves on the availability of a'la minute orders in this pre-prepared surrounding. Only freshest ingredients in top quality make it into our shopping basket. And you may order what you fancy - we will accommodate you!

The highest standards...

...should be applied when it comes to food. The greeks already knew: "you are what you eat" - and so we do not make any compromises regarding our ingredients.

This means: only imported meats - well hung and quality checked, daily shopped fresh vegetables, self-grown herbs and spices among them bell peppers, dill, coriander and of course it means that we prepare everything ourselves without the use of any artificial flavors or supplements. A littlebit like the island of Koh Phangan, that we chose as homestead for the Restaurant Peppercorn, rich in flavor and diversity, but without the 'artificial' supplements of it's sister island Koh Samui.

Our menu is only an abstract of the possibilities in order to offer you a wide range of dinner choices. We feature a variety of starters, from soups to salads, main courses comprising of the finest meat and fish sorts, like our black angus steaks or the norwegian salmon, as well as mouthwatering homemade deserts to finish a fine dining night.
For all of you who decide to come more often, we additionally cater daily and weekly specials. These are treasures, selected and collected by our head chef Friddi on his ventures. Going with the seasons, the Thai as well as the German ones, Friddi complements the offers of Restaurant Peppercorn this way. So he can surprise even long-term patrons everytime new - making a great night 'eating out' even better. And he who knows he'll come has the chance to order one of Friddi's legendary roast dinners. Whatever meat you fancy, beef, lamb, pork, goose or chicken roasted 'Peppercorn style' with all the trimmings. Simply gourmet comfort food!

But also we have very nice, tasty Vegetarian dishs like Tomato-stuffed with Spinach and Fetacheese au Gratin

taste the difference!