steaks & salads

New Years and Winter Delicacies

Tropical Christmas and other good reasons to celebrate


We’re talking about Irish Coffee with fresh whipped cream, stuffed and roast goose with apple red cabbage and homemade dumplings, or a perfect romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner.  We always have  something out of the ordinary,  or sometimes you‘re just the reason.

Cocktails and more

When the food is good,.. life is good. But when people eat, well, surely they must also drink!

And of course, if you take a holiday in the tropics, a well-made cocktail, with a subtle garnish of local mountain orchid (and a little parasol) is what you want to complete your island paradise experience.


The Peppercorn Restaurant.... relocating its premises to Haad Salad

Soon you can enjoy your Peppercorn meals with excellent sea view.


An endless Menu

- our specialty at Peppercorn -

We pride ourselves on the availability of a'la minute orders in this pre-prepared surrounding. Only freshest ingredients in top quality make it into our shopping basket. And you may order what you fancy - we will accommodate you!

Gastro"pedia" - the infinite Peppercorn Menu

Long Island Ice Tea in Restaurant PeppercornOur standards are held high by chef Friddi and you may profit from it. He does custom à la minute orders, fancy multi-course dinners or even birthdays, weddings and other events. We are sure we can cater for you to your satisfaction.

And thus it happens that our actual Menu is much larger than the abstract of the possible we present you in a binder.

You may gather ideas from our menu and specials or just come by and tell us your wishes. Together we try make your dream possible.

All our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients. If a product you desire should be out of season, please order in advance. This way we can make you happy. Own variations or creations from the house-menu are always possible and welcome.

an abstract of our current à la carte menu:

Tomato Soup with garlic croutons topped with cream

* * *

Fresh salads of the season laced with homemade dressing topped with
sizzling hot roasted, juicy chickenbreast served with freshly baked baguette and
homemade herb cured butter

* * *

Argentinian black angus fillet steak (250gr / 9 oz.) with all the trimmings
and sauce of your choice

* * *

Pan fried salmon steak on a bed of seasoned green spinach and
butter-steamed-potatoes topped with a salmon-dill-cream-sauce

* * *

Soft vanilla ice cream coated with homemade strawberry chutney
finished off with freshly whipped cream

* * *

Your favourite dish is not listed here? If we have the ingredients, we can cook it! Or give us a call and book a table, together with your meal of choice in the usual Peppercorn quality.