steaks & salads

New Years and Winter Delicacies

Tropical Christmas and other good reasons to celebrate


We’re talking about Irish Coffee with fresh whipped cream, stuffed and roast goose with apple red cabbage and homemade dumplings, or a perfect romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner.  We always have  something out of the ordinary,  or sometimes you‘re just the reason.

Cocktails and more

When the food is good,.. life is good. But when people eat, well, surely they must also drink!

And of course, if you take a holiday in the tropics, a well-made cocktail, with a subtle garnish of local mountain orchid (and a little parasol) is what you want to complete your island paradise experience.


The Peppercorn Restaurant.... relocating its premises to Haad Salad

Soon you can enjoy your Peppercorn meals with excellent sea view.


The man at work

Friddi at what he does best - cooking

Friddi - There would be no Peppercorn without him. Period.
He's the man, and the soul and engine of this fabulous restaurant and cooks his way into peoples hearts and minds.
Hanni comes into play as the heart of the restaurant and together they move like a clockwork...

About: the Chef!

Since 2006 Friddi delivers a constant and exceptional high quality in Restaurant Peppercorn. His restaurant. Days in the kitchen take as long as they did back home for him but here he "works on his dream" he says. It makes him happy to serve delicious food, see the satisfied expressions in the faces of his patrons. He is a through and through gastronomic soul and his heart is with knife and pan.

He's a friendly, sturdy guy with a big smile for everybody, and even though you might see him constantly working, never gets tired. Love for good food and the process of creating it have followed him throughout life and he tries to let everybody "try" a piece of that.
Good food does not have to be fancy looking in the eyes of this chef. What are you trying to hide with this garnish - he asks.
Top quality ingredients and a home-made policy are Friddi's standards, and you won't find any artificial or out-of-the-pack goods in his kitchen. "Everybody is welcome to have a look, that we are cooking everything ourselves." Friddi boasts proudly. With reason as we think.

His uncompromised devotion to this kind of kitchen work keeps the man right busy. Whilst he delivers constant high quality of gourmet food. That is worth appreciation, which is often offered by other masters of the same profession visiting the lovely island of Koh Phangan in their holidays.

Because he deserves it and because it warms the soul: A big Hurray for Friddi! And Thanks!

About: Service please!

As much as Friddi comprises the soul of the Restaurant, Hanni embodies it's heart. A wide background in human relations and care paired with unique logistics skills let her slip into the Peppercorn like a second skin. Always friendly and good for a laugh, Hanni enjoys it to host her guests and patrons in the Peppercorn.

"Recommending our à la carte or daily offers to our guests has a good feeling to it. I know that Friddi won't disappoint them and they'll leave us happy." Hanny admits smiling.
But that doesn't mean she hasn't got a few specialties of her own. She has laid hand on the Peppercorns unique selection of high quality "chai" - tea - emphasizing on the healthy aspects of the precious leaves.
She also keeps the keys to the "wine cellar". Peppercorns exquisite selection of bottled wines to accompany the delicacies leaving the kitchen.

Hanni is with her heart at the job, driven by perfectionism and love to her restaurant. Koh Phangan is her home and she couldn't imagine it any other way.