steaks & salads

New Years and Winter Delicacies

Tropical Christmas and other good reasons to celebrate


We’re talking about Irish Coffee with fresh whipped cream, stuffed and roast goose with apple red cabbage and homemade dumplings, or a perfect romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner.  We always have  something out of the ordinary,  or sometimes you‘re just the reason.

Cocktails and more

When the food is good,.. life is good. But when people eat, well, surely they must also drink!

And of course, if you take a holiday in the tropics, a well-made cocktail, with a subtle garnish of local mountain orchid (and a little parasol) is what you want to complete your island paradise experience.


The Peppercorn Restaurant.... relocating its premises to Haad Salad

Soon you can enjoy your Peppercorn meals with excellent sea view.


Dinner Specials for Couples and Groups

ocasions, events and lust for good food

Roasts from all kinds of meat, Filet platters a'la chef, Seafood specials,... Talk to us a day before and we can arrange some pretty fancy things for you. Chef Friddi welcomes all kinds of special orders and also offers diabetic, gluten free or lactose free meals for his patrons.

Treat yourself with a treat - Peppercorn style

Couple at a romantic dinner in Restaurant PeppercornFood definitely tastes better in company. Period. Thailand is a great example for this thesis and food such an important part of life, that to eat it alone would make it taste less good.
We all know this, even though sometimes work and the hectic western lifestyle force us to a "food-intake" rather than enjoying a meal. But not now. Not here!

We here at Peppercorn love food and it's companions; like good wines, an apperetif or the odd piece of homemade cake afterwards. And so we do our best to provide delicious homemade treats on a steadily high level of quality.

And for all of you you who love food. Please stop by or call us for your enquiry, we're sure we can find a solution for your hunger.

Momentary Peppercorn Specials include:

  • Argentinian Filet Beef Roast with Sauce Bernaise and assorted Vedgetables (from 4 persons upwards)
  • Escargots Provencal (single servings possible)
  • Homemade herb cured Salmon
  • and many more...

You may check the homepage for the current daily offer or just order your favorite dish with us. Please tell us early enough and allow us a day preperation time for out of the ordinary orders. This is necessary to gather the ingredients in the desired high Peppercorn quality; we wouldn't serve you anything less.

Thank you for your understanding.

your Peppercorn Team!